Monday, 1 August 2011

Preliminary plans are in our hands!!

We received our much awaited preliminary plans today :-)  There are so many lines, dots and measurements.  This'll be fun trying to read and sign off.

Question for soon to be residents of Glenmore Ridge - What size rainwater tank do we need to install?  Our prelim plans indicate 4500L.  Is 3000L sufficient for our area?

Landscaping is the next thing keeping me awake at night!  I'm not sure what type of native tree to plant out front and back in order to meet Stockland guidelines.  Any ideas??


  1. Our builder did ours and it was not specific at all. It just had picture of a tree out the front and the back.

    Flick me an email if you want and I will email you my landscape plan so you can see what we submitted and was approved no issue.

    Also the plans your lender would want would be council approved/stamped plans... but what you have is enought for a pre-approval - Not that I am a lender or anything *wink! hehe

  2. Hi Ess and Tim

    Congrats - another step closer. We were advised today that we should see our plans by the end of the week - fingers crossed!!!!

    Landscape Plan - I am more than happy to give you ideas etc I love gardening and designing landscapes.... so give me a holler if you want some help!

    We are having a 3000L rainwater tank. If the cost is not much of a difference and you dont mind paying the extra I would have a larger one but at this stage in the build any $$$ saved makes a big difference.

    As for Banks - thats Drews dept LOL... we are yet to sort our finances... need to make some calls and get something happening. - Drew????

    Are you able to post a pic of your house sited on your block??? Keep us posted.

    If we do end up getting our plans this week, we may be submitting to council around the same time... that would be pretty good! You will be guaranteed to see me on site pretty much every day... I am the crazy lady that just checks on how the grass (weeds) are growing on my lot!!!

  3. Let me know Cass... I feel some staff rates coming on!! hahaha

    Cant wait to see your plans Ess and Tim... I will keep a lookout