Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Painting complete and lots more!

I've been extremely busy at work lately which explains why I haven't regularly updated my building blog.

Well all I can say at the moment is OMG!!!!  We're about 2 weeks away from getting our keys.  As soon as we have them we'll have the tiler and carpet layer come in and do their thing so we can move in :-)

I stopped by our house tonight (it was almost dark so couldn't see much) and WOW the ducted aircon has been installed and so have shower screens, toilets, gas points, light fittings.  We also received a message from MJH letting us know that the painting is complete.

We have officially ordered our tiles and carpet so now it's all systems go and a very big reminder that we need to pull our finger out and start packing/sorting out all our junk so it's less we move to our brand new amazing home!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Loving the inside!

Hi everyone, it's been ages since I updated my building blog.  Work has been really hectic, giving me less time to keep tracking the progress of our house.
The last 2 weeks has seen some exciting progress on our home. Here's a list of what has been done lately:

  • Tiling completed in the laundry
  • Tiling completed in the ensuite and main bathroom
  • Bathroom vanities installed
  • Kitchen bench installed - can't see it yet though because of the protective cover
  • Skirting boards done
  • Front door installed & stained
  • Merbau posts out the front stained
  • 1st coat of painting complete
We ordered our carpet yesterday from Carpet Court - City Secrets Galleria colour!

I'd say we have about 3 and a bit weeks to go before the inspection and then we can arrange for our flooring to be done.  We've decided on 600x600 stone mocha ceramic tiles throughout main living areas.

Only 3 words to shout………LOVING OUR HOUSE!!!!