Thursday, 25 August 2011

Building contracts signed & we have neighbours YAY!

So we signed our building contracts and returned them to our builder today.  How exciting that we're about to enter the construction phase YAY!!!! We can't wait to see action on our block of land.  The house to the left of us looks amazing and a few doors down there's plenty of action happening with Fowler homes.
Oh we had a lovely surprise waiting for us on the HomeOne forum….a post from our new neighbours - Annette & Pete! We look forward to meeting them both & their boys….they sound really nice.

We finalised our plant selection for landscaping - grevilleas, gardenias, cliveas, birds of paradise, murraya hedges & cycads.  We did an amateur sketch of our design ready for stockland.  I hope it's approved - we just need to win lotto so a professional landscaper can do all the hard work lol...Tim & I will definitely need to find a set of green thumbs!

Q - how do we get driveway quotes?  Tim contacted a few contractors and they wouldn't help us one bit cause the house isn't done yet.  How on earth do we get a quote so this can be covered under the funding?  Anyone know how much coloured concrete costs?


  1. Hi.. congrats on another step forward.

    Work on about $80 psm for coloured concrete.

    Well done on your landscape plan. If you need any help just let me know.

    I have a very green thumb so holler if you want any help :-). I love gardening.

  2. Cass speaks the truth... $80 is about right... Just get your builder to put a provisional allowance in the tender of $6000 for the driveway. Then your lender will have the valuation completed with the diveway included so you can lend on the construction cost + driveway. You dont have to stop their either. You can add fences, blinds, a/con, flooring.

    Or you can get the quotes instead and submit with the builders contract.

    Cheers Drew

  3. Ahhhh that's so sweet Ester, we are looking forward to meeting you both too. Fingers crossed our tender appointment goes Ok next Thursday and comes in within our budget and if so we can go ahead with the package.

    I drove past today and the fowler home next to us has the frame up, well not the roof trusses as yet so i will be driving back past today to see if its finished (hoping for a single story to keep our privacy). We living in Gemalong Pl which is off Ridgetop Drive in Blue Hills so 2 mins walk away which will be great as we can really keep an eye out on what's happening. We will put our house on the market soon after building commences and hopefully will tie the two together at the end (sale and new home). If not we will have to rent out Lot 210 until we sell this place which we really don't want to have to do.

    Yes only plan on staying a year or so as we are wanting to move closer to the city as our son works in Sydney and our other one will hopefully be at Sydney Uni next year and Pete works at Smithfield so want to avoid the commuting and also have a change of lifestyle. The kids and I are ready to go now but Hubby's not (party pooper lol).

    Anyway chat soon :)

  4. Thanks Cass & Drew - you're both a wealth of knowledge with this building stuff. You are such a great help. I didn't know we could add blinds & fence to the loan….geez we are going to be flat out sourcing quotes for everything this weekend. I still haven't made my mind up on inside flooring - large glossy tiles or not!?! We going to check out the newly opened havana display home at Jordan Springs - perhaps we'll get inspiration from the new display.
    Annette - fingers crossed everything goes to plan for you….HA budget what is that?? We've well and truly blown ours by ALOT!!