Saturday, 20 August 2011

Building contract received!!

Hi fellow bloggers, we received our building contract today!  We are eager to sign everything and send it back to get the building started…..but without any building experience how on earth are we supposed to understand all the fine print.
We have to send it back in 5 days, so it's exciting yet scary.  I've been told construction should commence in the next 7wks if all goes to plan.  We also need to finalise our landscaping design so the developer can provide approval.  At this stage, we have the layout done but haven't decided on the plants.  The only one I'm 100% certain on is gardenias.  Still not sure what natives to choose though?? Any suggestions??
We also need to arrange a few quotes for the driveway, tiling and carpet in order to proceed with funding arrangements.

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  1. Great news!!!!

    For the plantings.. take a look at the ones on my landscape plan. The all do well in this climate and are easy to care for.

    For the Tree that we need in front and back yards you could look at the small magnolias. The have a pretty feature flower.

    Other plants are Hebe which flower and you can hedge
    The Photinia Red Robin for hedging is very drought tolerant.

    If you want some ideas let me know.

    Great news another step forward