Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The waiting game sucks!

Well we've been waiting for nearly 4 weeks now for our broker & lender to get everything sorted and get our loan approved.  We got the call 2 weeks ago to say we have conditional approval (based on valuation) and we're still waiting……Wait for it…….the person responsible for the valuation started work on our file and then went on leave…..WTF!!!  Who does that??  Especially to us……so close to construction yet so far away.  Our builder has been waiting patiently for their letter to commence construction and SO ARE WE!  So much for having slab and frames done by end of October.

On another note…we are amazed at how quickly our suburb is coming together.  The homes are popping up all over the estate now and look great.  The house next door to us is almost at completion and a 'for sale' sign is already on display.  I'm sure we'll receive the bill for fencing very soon - but will it be timber or colourbond - we don't really have a preference.

Did anyone else notice that the address on the November Council Rates notice indicates 'Mulgoa' as the property's suburb?!?!  What happened to Glenmore Park :-)

Anyway, not much else to write about…..just one word…..waiting!

Es & Tim