Friday, 12 August 2011

Prelim plans signed, building contract next!

We met with our designated customer service liaison today at head office and signed off on the prelim plans.  We should have the building contract back by end of next week and were advised that construction should commence in approx 6-8 weeks.  We also walked through the newly opened Havana at Kellyville Ridge.  It was so good seeing our chosen home design with tiles instead of floor boards.  The colour scheme was similar to our selections which provided a good visual.

OMG Tiles - I can't decide whether to have the wood grain look or choose the much cheaper alternative of gloss porcelain.  I spoke with a tiler today who indicated that the wood grain tiles are very expensive to lay so I think I'm going to have to settle for 2nd best to save a lot of money.  I like the 600x600 size.

Did our weekly drive by of our block and admired our new neighbours house which looks great….the house across the road is almost finished.  Great to see so much action happening at our future address: 62 Glenmore Ridge Drive!!


  1. Congrats another step in the right direction. It's exciting to now know our house numbers. It's hard knowing what to choose for tiles. I think the wood look ones look amazing.

    I think another drive by will be in order over the weekend. The house next to your block looks great.

  2. congrats guys! love the havana's!!!