Thursday, 26 April 2012

Still waiting for the handover…..

We had our 3 hour post completion inspection on Monday….there were only a few defects recorded to be fixed yet we are still waiting eagerly for the announcement of handover and each day we're delayed is becoming painful.
We have our driveway, floors and fence ready to be installed but haven't been able to proceed with this until the keys are handed over :-(  
I'm on holidays now & waiting waiting waiting for the official handover date.  It feels like we're never going to move in.  We have everything packed ready to go and can't wait to move but looks like it'll be another week or 2 before that happens.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Waiting Game for PCI

Well everything is done now except installation of our kitchen electrical appliances and rendering of the brick pillars out front.

We are now just waiting for the day to receive the keys and officially walk into our brand new McDonald Jones Home - The Havana

It's certainly a juggle organising the driveway, fence and inside flooring to be done immediately after our handover inspection…..the quicker these tasks are complete, the quick we move in!!!

We're 50% packed and ready to call in some amazing friends to help us move!
Hoping this all happens before end of the month and then it's party time.  What a shame it's already freezing LOL…. our house warming won't be very warm :-)