Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fascia & Gutters installed

Went for a look today to see the bricks at 99% completion!  We are extremely happy with the workmanship and love love love our brick choice!  The fascia & gutters are also up and look fantastic :-)  The roof and insulation has also been delivered on site today so we should see the roof go up over the next few days!
McDonald Jones & our SS are doing such a great job of making sure everything is happening when it should!


  1. Looking good Esther and Tim. Noticed your roof was done today. Love the colour bond roof.

    1. Thanks guys, we're really happy with the progress so far! You're not too far behind us….just need the rain to take a hike!

  2. Congratulations! The improvement is clearly seen here. What kind of gutter did you opt to install? I think using a copper one would make it more gorgeous on the outside. Though initially expensive, copper gutters pay for itself in cheap maintenance costs. The bricks could also match the design of a copper gutter. Well anyway, what’s done is done. It looks beautiful anyway. I saw it in your recent posts. :D