Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's a new year and our builder is moving things along quickly!

Happy New Year everyone! This year is going to bring a lot of joy to those building in Glenmore Ridge!  Our builder McDonald Jones are back from their christmas break and are full steam ahead thanks boys & girls (oh and thanks to this wonderful sunshine)!

The roof trusses were finished on Monday 9/1 and the plumber was also kept busy installing all the copper pipes for town & tank water + the gas mains.

Our Austral Symmetry Earth bricks were delivered Tues 10/1 and sand has taken residence in preparation for the brickies to endure the hard labour!  The next couple of weeks will be exciting for us as we watch our house transform into something we've only dreamt about for so long!!!!  I'm so happy with everything MDJ have done so far and our SS Peter is great :-)  


  1. The bricks look great! I'm looking forward to following your build.
    Dee :)

    1. Thanks Dee, are you building in Glenmore Ridge also?