Friday, 3 February 2012

Our roof is on and so is the rain!

Bricks were finalised on Monday 30th Jan and the Roof & Insulation was done the very next day Tuesday 31st Jan!  We are very happy with how our home is taking shape and visit nearly every day to see the progress.
The front posts are bricked ready for installation of the 3 x Merbau timber posts which were delivered today as well as the eaves.
We had a call from SS asking if we knew how to get rid of the rain LOL No more work can be done outside until the super wet mud pit dries up.
Next week we'll hopefully see the giprocking commence inside….woohoo!!!
Now - if only we knew how to clear away the rain….oh that's right Stockland have planned an outdoor event so of course it's going to rain AGAIN! :-)
On another note, we've been checking out ikea and furniture shops getting ready for a shopping spree when it's time to move in……I seriously can't wait!

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  1. The bricks and roof insulation was finished in 2 days? Man, that’s something! That phase sounds heavy, but I’m amazed it was completely done in a jiffy. =) That’s time-saving and is sure healthy for this house project. I also can’t wait to see the development, especially the interiors.