Friday, 18 November 2011

Pop the champagne… action has commenced!

"What a feeling!"  Today's drive past our block was far more exciting than the previous 100 other times…..why…..because our land has been cut in preparation for our slab!! WOOHOO!!  We admired it from every angle and can't wait to see all our planning and dreams come to life!  We also had the opportunity to meet with the builder next door today. He's installing the fence next week - woodland grey to match our roof!  The whole suburb is looking great….hurry up approx. April 2012 so we can move in and enjoy our brand new home!

1 comment:

  1. whoo hoo... I did my drive by of my own block and did my usual drive by route and noticed yours was being cut... well 20mins later I got to leave as my 4 year old wanted to watch the process... well done you are on your way!!!