Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to construction we go!

You lil' beauty!!  The loan is sorted and today we met with Suzzanne from McDonald Jones to make sure they have everything required to move our file into the construction zone!!  We are so excited :-)  Suzzanne has been fantastic and very helpful with everything we've needed throughout the admin period.  As long as the rain stays away, construction should commence within the next few weeks!!
The welcoming news of a rate cut today also caused for celebration……so we popped a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion.  Visits to our land will now become more frequent to admire the build of our dream home. 


  1. Whoo hoo congrats the dream really begins now!!!!

  2. Congrats guys! We had suz as well and she was awesome... nothing was ever too big of a task... helped us heaps along our way...

    good luck and enjoy