Saturday, 16 July 2011

April 2011 - May 2011

Display home shopping was so exhausting.  We went to Oran Park, Masterton village, Clarendon village and the very old-fashioned homeworld Kellyville.  
After several weekends of searching for THE one….we made our way back to Oran Park where the shortlisted homes were.

It was between Masterton Symphony, Eden Brae Saville or McDonald Jones Havana.
The front runner was McDonald Jones because we loved the floor plan.  It didn't matter how many homes we looked at something was telling us that this was the one!  We can see our future in this home and the display home has a good vibe.

We made a few changes to the plan:
  • added sliding windows in children activities room
  • deleted built in desk and added linen cupboard for extra storage space
  • removed decorative vase cavity and replaced with toilet door so it's separate to main bathroom
  • entrance hallway coffered ceiling
  • kept the entrance door like the one on display
  • kept the fancy interior doors for the main bedroom, home theatre, pantry and sliding doors into children's activity room
Next step is the site survey and soil test…… well the results are in and we've been advised that highly reactive soil = deeper slab and more piers = $$$$.  Also because of driveway gradient being too steep to meet Council guidelines and Aus Standards we now have to introduce 2 steps into our garage.  Don't mind having to do that but it's the inconvenience of having to find someone to remove approx 130 tonne of spoil from our site and pay them for the labour.  I've been told it won't be cheap (but what is when you're building hey!)


  1. The Havana is a great house and fantastic design.. sure you guys will love it...

    Those feature doors look great as well!!

    Good so see a few more blogs for sites at Glenmore Ridge....

  2. Just saw you have to add steps and have alot of soil to get rid off... Think i was speaking to you on home building forum...

    See where the back of the garage is and the media area... could you add a step up in your house?

    So the garage and the main bedroom are lower down and then there are steps to STEP UP to the Media and the walk around to the living/dining? You would then have like 3m high ceiling/entry to the house!

    The Milano at Gregory Hills (mcdonald Jones) has that inside. would it save on dirt removal?

  3. Hey Drew, we didn't even think to add a step in the entrance hallway….oh well too late now I guess. Our plans are in drafting stage already. We are still looking at different options for the soil removal.

  4. Dear Es and Tim,

    You guys are my heros, I would like to be like you when I grow up.

    Barry aged 6

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